GINGER essential oil organic

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The essential oil, when diffused or inhaled, supports the lungs; natural function of clearing any heaviness or discomfort. When diffused or massaged into skin (always highly diluted), ginger operates as a tonic and restorative for vital health. Ginger is commonly used in Chinese medicine to strengthen the heart and restore the flow of stagnant chi. The deeply warming qualities of ginger root essential oil render it useful as a general restorative for emotional depletion, it is effective in revitalizing energy and counteracting exhaustion.

Botanical Name: Zingiber Officinalis
Country: Madagascar, Ivory coast
Part of the plant: Rhizome

container: 5g
100 ml = 95 g. 100 g = 105 ml.


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Apply a drop of ginger oil to a tissue or cotton ball for enhancing digestive balance and as a quick support for any discomfort.


For easy and comfortable breathing:

√ Ginger – 4 drops
√ Cardamom – 5 drops
√ Thyme – 2 drops


Blends well with: bergamot oil, ylang-ylang oil, lemongrass oil, helichrysum oil, all citrus oilsand spice oils such as black pepper oil, cinnamon, clove and cardamom oil.



– Do not use in children under 6 years
– Do not use in pregnant women
– Do not use in lactating women
– Keep in dark, cold place


This information is provided for informational purposes, they do not in any way constitute medical information, or engage our responsibility. For any use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes, consult a doctor.