GERMAN CHAMOMILE hydrosol organic FLH006


Organic thymol hydrosol stimulates immune defenses, disinfects wounds. Antiparasitic, this floral water is used in cases of intestinal infections. Fungicidal – eliminates fungi and mycoses.

Botanical name: Thymus Vulgaris
Country: France
Part of the plant: Flower
Extraction process: First cold pressing
Food grade: Yes
Organoleptic properties:  clear liquid, colourless
Flavour: Refreshing, aromatic, honeyed
container: 100ml

100 ml = 95 g. 100 g = 105 ml.




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Beauty: Care for sensitive, allergic or irritated skin: eczema, lesions, acne, psoriasis, urticarial, calming eye care, blond and light brown hair.

Properties in aromatherapy: Anti-allergic, mucolytic, digestive disorders, hay fever and allergies, asthma, bronchitis asthma, spasmodic cough, stomach ulcers.

√ Do your own tonic for the skin:

spray your face and neck after cleaning, then apply your cream or oil treatment immediately without drying hydrosol.

√ Add to face mask with white or pink clay

√ Use in compresses on the closed eyes in case of eye irritation

√ Apply direct to baby’s gum or let them chew a wet cloth with hydrosol  for teething relief.


This information is provided for informational purposes, they do not in any way constitute medical information, or engage our responsibility. For any use of hydrosol for therapeutic purposes, consult a doctor.