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Cosmetics with minerals VS

Mineral cosmetics

Yes, they are different and you should know this difference! Not all mineral cosmetics are natural. How to tell the difference?

The main rule is – always look at the ingredients. Cosmetics with minerals contain synthetic ingredients which are not allowed to be used in natural cosmetics.

If you see any of the below ingredients, please know that such cosmetics are not natural:
– Bismuth oxychloride gives powder a silky feel, however it can irritate your skin and provoke acne.
– Talc blocks pores, provokes acne and dries skin.
– Nanoparticles are finely ground minerals, whose overall effect has not yet been tested.
– Silicones: dimethicone, cyclomethicone, methicone, phenyl trimethicone, dimethiconol, etc. Durable silicones are more difficult to wash and can irritate sensitive skin.
– Mineral oils block the pores, increase dehydration, reduce barrier functions of the skin and prevent it from removing toxins which can cause allergic rashes and acne.

Uoga uoga, Mineral cosmetics manufacturer, Lithuania

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